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Emerging Leaders

Do you have employees that are making a transition to leading others? Do you have high potential individual contributors that are hoping to make their first step into a leadership role in the future?

Employees that are making a transition into their first leadership role or those that are in the early years of leading others are likely facing some tricky and unfamiliar challenges. I work with emerging leaders to help them successfully navigate these early experiences and fast-track their leadership successes.

I have had extensive experience working with new and emerging leaders on a wide variety of topics such as:

  • Transitioning from peer to leader
  • Establishing a high trust and open team culture
  • Dealing with tricky interpersonal relationships or conflicts within the team
  • Building a strong, value-based team culture
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Creating compelling and motivating goals
  • Dealing with underperformance
  • Developing a strong coaching approach to leadership

Development can be either individual coaching, or I will work with your business to design a bespoke, emerging leaders programme aligned to your specific organisational needs.

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