leadership coaching


Does your organisation have leaders looking for new approaches to help them reach their goals? Do you have leaders that are looking to develop their own coaching style to provide a true growth environment for their teams?

Coaching can be hugely beneficial wherever you are in your career path. From top Executive to individual contributors to team leaders, goal-oriented and structured coaching can help you reach your objectives, increase self-awareness and bring about sustained and positive change. Coaching is not about "fixing" a problem; it is about evolving how we turn up in the world, unlocking our potential and allowing us to be the best version of ourselves.

My coaching approach is client and solution focused. We start by identifying specific goals to work on, bringing awareness to the enablers as well as the blockers to those goals. Through powerful questions which bring about insight and self awareness, I work with my clients to define specific actions that will take them closer to their objectives.

I offer a range of coaching options to suit the differing needs of my clients from Executive coaching through to one off coaching to tackle a specific problem.

Because I genuinely believe that chemistry and rapport with your coach is critical, I offer a complimentary coaching session for all prospective clients so we can meet and discuss your needs and how we can best work together.

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